RescueDose is a medical device company developing compact-sized robotic devices for automated ready-for-use dispensing of liquid medication or radio-pharmaceutical agents. Designed with patient and medical staff safety in mind, RescueDose’s mission is to automate the process of medication dispensing in order to minimize human error, dispensing risks and ensure accuracy – by making the correct medicine and dosage easily accessible. RescuseDose’s Automated Liquid Medication Dispensing (ALMD) robots are a game changer in the way medication dosage is handled and are about to revolutionize the medication dispensing field.


RescueDose aims to revolutionize the way medicine dosage dispensing is handled.


RescueDose’s mission is to automate the process of medical dosage dispensing to minimize human errors and risks and ensure accuracy.

Core Values

Quality, accuracy and dependability are what makes RescueDose solutions safe and suitable for a wide variety of medical applications. Keeping it simple, our team of experts works behind the scene, combining years of research, medical and technical expertise and extensive testing to ensure the patient-dosage interface is simple, accurate and widely accessible.