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Isorad Ltd. was established 40 years ago, in order to commercialize technologies which have been developed in the SOREQ Nuclear Research Center (Soreq NRC) near Yavne, Israel.
Over the years, Isorad has been involved in the following areas:

  • Radiopharmaceutical products
  • Electro optical elements
  • Lasers
  • Magnetic Sensors
  • Fuel Chemical Tagging
  • Explosives detection
  • Radiation Detection
  • Wind Measurement

…and many more…

Visit partner’s website: http://www.isorad.co.il/

EC2 software solutions

EC2 Software Solutions

For over 30 years, ec2 has served the needs of nuclear medicine, molecular imaging, nuclear pharmacy and PET manufacturing fields. A leader in pharmacy software, ec2 provides industry leading software products for the nuclear pharmacies, diagnostic wards and imaging labs, with the mission to “Educate, Communicate and Cooperate”.

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