Fields of Medicine

Healthcare Intervention Management in the 21st century

Drug and medication management and monitoring play a huge and central role in medicine in the 21st century. It has always been crucial to get the drug right both in content and in quantity (dosage), but it has (and in many cases still is) been done by a manual operation.

In other words, giving the patient the correct drug in the correct dose and at the correct timing may make the different between life and death, but it is left to the physicians and nurses to utilize their knowledge of the drug, the ailment and the patient.

The RescueDose technology is suitable to automate drug management and medication dispensing in more than one field of medicine.

The system is currently employed in the field of liquid medication dispensing for Nuclear Medicine but there are projects underway for Pediatric Medicine and Therapeutic Drug Management in general.

Additional fields the technology can be utilized in are personalized pharmacology, patient bedside drug management, patient information monitoring, automated pill dispensing and more.