Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is a medical specialty involving the application of radioactive substances in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Radiopharmaceutical production, unlike conventional pharmaceuticals production, can not be created in large batches and is targeted to a specific patient. Radiopharmaceutical production is manually intensive, necessitating a professional pharmacist to prepare and dispense the medicine.

Present Status

RescueDose has developed an automated compounding and dispensing device for preparing i.v. radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic imaging.

RescueDose breakthrough patent-pending technology is a revolution in nuclear medicine, offering previously inaccessible advantages:

Safety first

RescueDose solutions provide a safe and accurate method to dispense medicine. Safety of the patient is always insured. In nuclear medicine it is particularly important that safety of the dispenser is insured as well. The RescueDose automated process reduces personnel exposure to radiation and prevents quality ‘decay’ from the time the medicine is prepared to the point of administration of the medicine.

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 Device size & price

The RescueDose solution is packaged in a compact device suitable for clinics of any size. The solution is meant as an “off the shelf” product, highly accessible and cost effective.

 Production speed & effectiveness

Automation improves the quality of product and speed up the production itself – enabling patients to receive the dose they need, when they need it. Automated preparation is also ideal for repetitive, high dose and complex procedures.