The right dose, right away

RescueDose has developed an automated system for the preparation and dispensing of pharmaceutical agents in ready-for-use, sterile i.v. syringes.

RescueDose has simplified a complex process, sidestepping a myriad of problems and medical complications that can occur with manual dispensing (particularly in nuclear medicine). Automation minimizes human error, enabling dosage accuracy and quality assurance in a fast, easy and safe method.

The RescueDose solution is especially suitable for high-stress working condition. The solution is optimal for various hospital niche wards and outpatient clinics including:

  • Adult and pediatric emergency rooms
  • ICU
  • Cardiology (cardiac catheterization labs)
  • Anesthesia administration in the Operating Room
  • Endoscopy
  • Labor and delivery
  • Specialized pediatric and neonate departments

The solution is optimal both for ampoules and vials and provides precise measurement of dosage and dilution, insuring maximum safety for the patient and eliminating potential dosage errors.

The syringes issued by the RescueDose system are medication filled in maximum sterile conditions and labeled to ensure identification of the patient or procedure.

The RescueDose solution provides additional layer of security by assuring inventory control and access for authorized personnel only.

The RescueDose management software is user-friendly and can be easily integrated with existing medical IT infrastructure. It offers additional features and services, among others, enabling pharmacists to dispense medicine via remote control (using authorized web access).