Keeping it Simple

The right dose, right away

Medicine preparation and administration, particularly nuclear medicine, is complex. Human error in dosage can cause extreme and even fatal medical complications. That is why, at RescueDose, we have developed sophisticated technology to enable you to keep it simple.

Medicine preparation as well as the patient / medicine interface needs to be as simple as possible to prevent errors. RescueDose automatic technology enables a user friendly interface, creating safer, faster and more accurate dosage. RescueDose dispenses i.v. medicated syringes, on the spot, per patient need . Medical personnel can dispense medicine in 4 easy steps:

  • Charge medications (up to 3 full magazines)
  • Enter patient’s personal data (weight, risk factors etc.)
  • Select dosage and required medications
  • Use the prepared syringes

The RescueDose automated solution simplifies the process, enabling organizations to deploy efficiency and safety at all levels and stages. Our system is significantly smaller, lighter and more cost effective than alternative solutions currently on the market.