Safety First

The right dose, right away

Preventable medical errors are one of the leading causes of death. Healthcare services worldwide are searching for ways to improve safety for both patients and healthcare workers and prevent medical errors. Wherever possible it is fundamental to replace manual methods with new automated technologies that minimize human error. This becomes even more crucial in the field of radiopharmaceuticals where the implications of human errors are wider than with typical medicines. Automation reduces this risk and contributes to reliable QC and precision work.

RescueDose puts safety first, improving patient and medical-worker safety via automated preparation and dispensing of pharmaceutical agents in ready-for-use, sterile i.v. syringes.

Patients receive accurate dosage, as and when they need it. Dosage quality is retained in nuclear medicine – the dose is prepared per need, rather than in advance and thus ‘decay’ of nuclear elements is prevented.

Medical personnel are protected as exposure to radioactive elements is minimized.

The RescueDose technology enables healthcare entities to comply with the regulatory requirements that are becoming increasingly stringent when it comes to safety trends.