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    Preventing dispensing errors

    The right dose, right on the spot
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    Accurately fills dosage

    According to patient’s weight and procedure needed
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    Calculates correct dosage

    Works with different sized vials, ampoules and syringes

    Automated Liquid Medication Dispensing

    Mobile, automatic preparation and dispensing of liquid medication
    Providing accurate syringe-filled medication at the point of treatment
    Preventing Medication errors… The right dose, right on the spot.
    RescueDose – Making Nuclear medicine a bit less radioactive

    About RescueDose Ltd.

    RescueDose changes the way medicine dosage is handled.

    Our mission is to automate the process of medication dispensing in order to minimize human error, dispensing risks, ensure accuracy – by making the correct medicine and dosage accessible more easily .

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